Inkjet print on hahnemühle paper, 90x130 cm, 2012

´The Secret History of the Mongols´, regarded as the oldest literary work in the Mongolian language, stands as the foremost native account of Mongolia's ascent to power during the 12th century AD. This epic piece, blending elements of both fiction and history, consists of poetry and narrative that recounts how Genghis Khan was able to unify over thirty tribes in their struggle for control. It also sheds light on how, once in power and with the aim of increasing his population and confronting his adversaries, he declared homosexuality illegal, punishable by death

Inkjet print on hahnemühle paper, 90x130 cm, 2012
Inkjet print on hahnemühle paper, 30x50 cm, 2012

Today, more than eight hundred years later, Mongolia is a sovereign country with one of the world's lowest population densities, averaging fewer than two inhabitants per square kilometer. Despite this, being homosexual continues to be considered taboo. The weight of tradition, coupled with the years under Soviet control when homosexuals were sent to gulags, remains a significant burden for gays, lesbians, and transsexuals who continue to face repression, rejection, and victimization. 

Condemned to a life of secrecy, many of them are forced into prostitution, while others lead lives of solitude.  The younger generation strives to escape Mongolia's borders, seeking refuge in countries such as the Philippines or Japan, where their 'condition' is more tolerable, and dreams of undergoing a sex change are achievable. Above all, they yearn for an identity that has long been denied in their native land.

Installation views. Photo España, Fúcares Gallery, 2012 / Cortona on the Move, 2014
Inkjet print on hahnemühle paper, Variable sizes. 90x130 and 30x50 cm, 2012
 Transmongolian. Photography and sound. 2012

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